Project team

The Logistics 2030+ project is implemented by the State of Lower Austria, the City of Vienna, the Lower Austria Economic Chamber and the Vienna Economic Chamber with project support from the two consulting companies denkstatt GmbH and ECONSULT BetriebsberatungsgesmbH.

Project work group ARGE L2030+

Dr. Ferdinand Koch
denkstatt GmbH | +43 1 7868900

Mag. Jürgen Schrampf
ECONSULT Betriebsberatungs GmbH | +43 1 615705034

Project sponsors

Dipl.Ing. Christian Popp
Lower Austria Federal State Government Office
Department of General Traffic Affairs | +43 2742 900514083 Angelika Winkler
City of Vienna
MA18 Traffic Planning and Mobility Strategies | +43 1 400088812 Eva Hahn
Lower Austria Economic Chamber
Department of Foreign Economics & Transport Policy | +43 2742 85116402 Andrea Faast
Vienna Economic Chamber
Location and Infrastructure Policy | +43 1 514501863

Steering group and project lead (from left to right): Mag. Jürgen Schrampf (Econsult), Dr. Ferdinand Koch (denkstatt), DI Angelika Winkler (Deputy Head of MA 18, City of Vienna), Dr. Eva Hahn (Head of Department of Foreign Economics & Transport Policy, Lower Austria Economic Chamber), DI Christian Popp (Department of General Traffic Affairs, Lower Austria Federal State Government Office), DI Andrea Faast (Head of Location and Infrastructure Policy, Vienna Economic Chamber), Mag. Davor Sertic (Sector Chairman Transport & Traffic Vienna Economic Chamber), Dr. Christian Moser (Vice President Lower Austria Economic Chamber), Dr. Werner Pracherstorfer (Head of Spatial Planning, Environment & Traffic, Lower Austria Economic Chamber). Not in the picture: DI Thomas Madreiter (Planning Director, City of Vienna)